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The incredible team at Health Talks Online–producers of more than 50 summits in 4 years–has loaded hundreds of health experts and thousands of their talks into their NEW community, HealthMeans! You can listen or watch them at any hour, on any day, as often as you like!

For example; You can choose any summit that resonates with you or anyone you know. You can also choose from any submit that relates to your field of expertise. Such as arthritis summit, interpreting your genetics summits, mental wellness summit, parasite summit and general health means summit.

Fill your virtual medicine cabinet with the wisdom from such health-improving experts as Dr. Izabella Wentz, Sayer Ji, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Jay Davidson, Sean Croxton, Trudy Scott, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Kelly Brogan and more!.

This exclusive invitation to HealthMeans means you’ll be the first to create your profile, gain access to these experts and provide insight into future content/development.

Health Current Events Updates

This page will be dedicated to bringing you more health current events updates and as such it will be wise to bookmark the page. So as you don’t miss out on important health related current events.

This is a pioneering opportunity to start your 30-day free trial for HealthMeans no payment info required. I think you’ll find this a valuable resource on your healthy journey!

You’ve likely attended a free “summit” in the past, so you know how valuable they are to your health. If only we all had time to attend every summit out there, right?!

Well, the answer is finally here!

My good friends at Health Talks Online, who have produced more than 50 summits in 4 years, have given us the all-in-one health resource we’ve been waiting for…

HealthMeans is a new health community that houses HUNDREDS of health experts and THOUSANDS of their talks all in ONE place!

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What You Get As a HeathMeans Member

As a HealthMeans community member you’ll:

  • No longer stress about watching a summit’s expert talks in one week.
  • Never worry about missing that one piece of advice that could change your life.
  • Search, save and share talks that are important to you, family and friends!
  • Learn about new talks as soon as they are launched into the community!
  • A vast streaming video library at your disposal any time anywhere.
  • You get to hear from a trusted guidance with the cutting-edge expert on health matters
  • You get clear advice plus steps you can take to instantly improve your health.

“It’s like having hundreds of experts at your fingertips–a true virtual medicine cabinet I can use any time, day or night!” ~Jennifer M.

I’m very excited to have access to this amazing, professional library of experts, because I know how helpful these talks have been for persons in the past, and will be for you in the future.


And, why not give it a few minutes now? Your 30-day free trial begins when you register and gives you unlimited access to more information than you could possibly consume in a month! No payment information required!

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Add this resource to your journey to improved health!


Health current events will be continuously updated. The page will surely be dedicated to keeping you informed of every new upcoming event that may benefit you health wise. The quality of information provided, the timeliness and the benefits therein will priceless. Making your visit to this page a worthy one.

Visit my about us page to see what is driving me. Health is wealth because your healthy living will supplement the ability to create wealth. Health current events are here to keep you posted on important health matters.

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